Disposable Emails and How to Handle Them Correctly

Disposable Emails and How to Handle Them Correctly

The amount of spam emails being sent has skyrocketed.

Nearly 85% of all emails sent are spam…

And that translates to over 122 billion spam emails being sent every single day.

As a result, more and more people are now using what’s known as “disposable emails”…

And as more people begin to use these emails to sign up to your email list, there are some negative consequences for your business that you need to be aware of.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to cover what disposable emails are, exactly how they impact your business, and what you can do today to handle them.

What are Disposable Emails?

Disposable emails are what are known as “temporary” or “throwaway” email addresses.

As their name implies, people create disposable emails with the intention discarding them once they have fulfilled their purpose…

And there are many sites poppping up nowadays that allow people to create these disposable emails quickly and for free.

What’s the Point of Using Disposable Emails?

There are quite a few reasons why someone would use a disposable email instead of their primary email address:

  • To protect their privacy. People often use disposable email addresses to protect their privacy and prevent their real email address from being shared with third parties (or being targeted by hackers)
  • To avoid spam. With the sheer quantity of spam now being sent to people every single day, it’s no wonder people are now using disposable email addresses as a means to protect their primary inboxes
  • To gain access to content for free. If your site provides incentives to sign up for you list, like a free guide that they receive when they subscribe, many people will opt to use a disposable email address in order to get that guide for free without revealing their real address
  • To participate in your promotions. If you run an ecommerce store and offer discount codes for people signing up to your email list, many people will actually use a disposable email to get the code without having to share their information or receive marketing emails from you in the future

The Impact Disposable Emails Have on Businesses Like Yours

As you’ve just discovered, using disposable emails can bring many benefits to those who use them.

But on the flip side—as a business owner and marketer—they can have huge negative impacts on your businesses.

These negative impacts include:

1. Inaccurate email lists

If someone signs up to your email list, and they use a disposable email, the data on your list will now be innacurate, and the insights you glean from your marketing will be of a lower quality.

This will affect the decisions you make for you business in the future (which also means it affects your business’s profit potential).

2. Higher email marketing expenses

Whether you’re using Mailchimp or another company for your email marketing needs, it can be expensive to maintain an email list, and the larger your list is, the higher your costs will be.

And these costs can really skyrocket, especially if you have subscribers using disposable emails on your list that sign up and then never open your emails again.

3. Increased bounce rates

Another reason why sending emails to disposable email addresses can be extremely dangerous is increased bounce rates.

You see, many of these disposable emails are set to expire after a certain number of days, which means that when you send an email to them, there is a very high likelihood that the email will bounce (which means it will fail to be delivered to their inbox).

This is bad because ISPs can see whether emails from certain senders are being read or not, and if they see that your emails aren’t being read, there’s a chance that they will downgrade your sender reputation, which means that future emails you send to legit subscribers will likely go to their spam folders instead of their inboxes.

How to Handle Disposable Emails Correctly

As you can see, disposable emails can present a huge problem for your business.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can quickly and easily solve this problem…

And that’s by using an email validation tool.

In short, an email validation tool is a service that verifies the accuracy of the email addresses on your list using both real-time and preset rules.

By using an email validation tool, you will be able to identify the disposable email addresses on your list (as well as other dangerous emails including like spam traps and bots), and then delete them from your list and export your new list back to your email host.

Not only does this instantly save you money (because you will no longer be paying to have invalid emails on your list)…

It will also protect your sender reputation as the emails that you send will no longer bounce.

Using an email validation tool is incredibly easy, and if you’d like, you can try one out completely free by clicking here.


The rise in people now using disposable emails has a real, negative impact on your business.

It means that it’s now very unlikely that your email lists are accurate (which can damage the insights that you get from your marketing)… and it also results in higher email marketing expenses (in other words, less profits for you), and increased bounce rates, which can harm your sender reputation and prevent the emails you send from reaching your customers’ inboxes.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to remedy this situation, and that’s by using an email validation tool.

By using an email validation tool, you can clean the disposable email addresses from your list quickly and easily…

And better yet, you can try out an email validation tool free of charge today by clicking here.

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