Why EmailOversight?

We help you reach your audience by cleaning your lists,
validating and appending data, while providing you with a user-friendly management solution.

Global Accuracy

99.5% Accurate with
Verified Results
Multi-Method Email
Validation Process
Validation in 156+
24/7 ISP Accuracy


  • Intuitive User Interface Design
  • SAAS Offering
  • Email, Phone and Postal Validation
  • Data Appends
  • Engagement/Activity Reporting
  • Secure Login
  • In-Depth Status Results and Analysis (File and API)
  • List Export Management
  • Regular Enhancements and Feature Rollouts

Enterprise-Level Security
& Compliance

We follow ISO 27001/27002 security standards and are able to provide a security questionnaires for other ISO 27001/27002 compliant organizations.

All online portals are secured via HTTPS utilizing Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, encrypting the data transferred to and from EmailOversight.

Databases holding sensitive data are encrypted using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Sensitive files are stored encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


High Speed Processing for the largest of Senders
Over 2 Billion emails validated per month
Industry-leading server power
Accelerated processing upon request
High Speed Verification API
SFTP automation system

Improve Deliverability of
Your Next Campaign

Lowering your Hard Bounce rate in conjunction with removing Spamtraps and Bots from your email lists will help you achieve the best possible delivery and results from your email campaigns.


Helping Digital Marketers Clean Emails Every Day

“Since our adoption and real-time implementation of EmailOversight, our company has seen a major reduction in hard bounced email addresses. This 28% decrease has contributed to the overall increase in recall rate ultimately driving net new business.”

AVP of Digital Communications for leading Insurance Company

“We saw an immediate drop in spam traps and spam complaints after using EmailOversight for our marketing sends”

R. Knight, Email Marketer
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