Postal Validation

Address verification powered by the most accurate global location data.

Maximizing your ROI by verifying postal addresses

Sending direct mail to customers and prospects can be a costly endeavor when the postal address is incorrect. Make sure you’re maximizing your ROI by verifying that all your postal addresses are valid and deliverable.

How real-time address
verification works

Validate and Standardize your US/Canadian residential and commercial postal addresses using our bulk upload or API for the most accurate and up to date postal information. By confirming these postal addresses are both formatted correctly and deliverable, it allows you to confidently send direct mail without fear of unknown sender address.


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Up To 250k


Up To 1MM



Postal List Cleaning

Validate and Standardize your
US/Canada residential and commercial postal addresses.

Real-Time Postal API

Implement the postal API in registration forms to ensure postal addresses are deliverable

Consistently Formatted Data

Simplify reporting and management by having all addresses stored in the same format.

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