Phone Validation

Capture the right phone number, mobile or landline at the point of entry

Maximize revenue opportunities

With companies increasingly turning to mobile marketing, phone validation has become a crucial step in deliverabiling SMS and maximizing on revenues. Determining if a phone number is valid

Take the guesswork out of
reaching your customers

EmailOversight offers a powerful phone validation product that identifies working US phone numbers and complies with all rules and regulations. You can process phone numbers with a bulk upload or implement the API on a registration form and verify in milliseconds.

Phone numbers are a vital contact point for service, as well as SMS and mobile marketing. Our phone validation tool ensures that accurate telephone numbers are collected to keep this valuable channel open


Status Reporting

Gain insight by validating your Phone Numbers to collect vital information about the carrier, format of the number, previous carrier, port dates, and historical complaint and blacklisted numbers. Each Number will have all relative information in order to make the best decision to keep or discard the data.


Month-to-Month Billing and Prepaid Credit Options Available. 24/7 Customer Support.

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Up To 25k


Up To 100k


Up To 250k


Up To 1MM


Validation API

Process Phone numbers in real time using our fast and powerful API. Plug code into your websites, forms, and other lead generation areas to validate your leads entering their phone numbers. API validation helps verify leads at the point of contact and acquisition so you are able to make a quick decision on keeping or discarding these phone numbers.


Formatted numbers

Confirmation that your phone numbers are properly formatted and have no errors which would indicate they are not valid to use.

Status: Mobile or Not Mobile

Confirm which phone numbers are mobile lines, VOIP lines, and land lines.

Type: Mobile, Landline or Unknown

Determine the type of phone number you’ve acquired and it’s validity.

Indicates Current Carrier

Confirm what carrier this number currently uses.

Previous Carrier

If the phone number was ported, identify what the previous carrier information was.

Blacklist or a Complainer

Identify if these phone numbers have complained to the FTC or TCPA and/or have been blacklisted.

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