How To Use An Email Validator Online?

How To Use An Email Validator Online?

Did you know that as much as 20% of addresses on the average email list are invalid, containing typos, syntax issues, and other errors?

That may not sound like a big deal… until you realize that every time you send to these addresses (as well as other malicious addresses that could be on your list, like spam traps, bots, and complainers), you are harming your sender reputation and increasing the likelihood that your future emails will end up in the spam folder.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, “one-click” way to rid your list of these invalid and dangerous emails, and that’s by using an email validator.

Keep reading to discover what an email validator is, the immediate benefits of using one, and how you try out an email validator online free for your own business today.

What Is an Email Validator?

In short, an email validator is a tool that uses pre-set and real-time rules to verify that each of the email addresses on your list is valid and not dangerous.

This tool is browser-based, which means you don’t have to download any bulky software to use it. Simply register at the website of the email validator that you want to use and then follow the instructions we’ve laid out below to clean your list.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Email Validator?

There are a few key benefits that make using an email validator in your business a no-brainer.

Here are the three big ones:

1. Increase Your Deliverability Rate

By removing the invalid emails on your list, an email validator can help you instantly increase your email deliverability rate.

This is important because every time you send an email to an invalid address, that email will bounce.

This puts you in hot water because having a high bounce rate is a red flag for email service providers who will likely penalize your sender reputation and doom your future emails to the spam folder.

Sending emails to malicious addresses such as spam traps, bots, and complainers will also harm your sender reputation, which means it’s crucial that you use an email validator online to clean these harmful addresses off your list.

2. Save Money

Sending emails to a list is expensive.

If you own a large list, it can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars every month in service and sending costs.

Fortunately, using an email validator can instantly reduce this cost burden by:

  • Boosting the ROI of your email campaigns thanks to a higher deliverability rate that enables you to reach more of your subscribers’ inboxes
  • Directly reducing your service and sending costs by removing invalid and dangerous emails
3. Get Better Insights

Having accurate customer and prospect data is crucial for any business.

When you use an email validator to clean bad data off your list, the insights you receive after running email campaigns become more accurate.

These insights will help you make better business decisions.

How to Use an Email Validator Online

Using an email validator couldn’t be easier.

Here are the six steps you need to follow to start taking advantage of this tool for your own business today:

Step #1: Choose an Email Validator That Suits Your Unique Preferences

There are a variety of online validators that you can use to clean your email list.

The three main factors you should consider when choosing an online validator are:

  • Accuracy. Some email validators are more accurate in validating emails than others.
  • Ease-of-use. You may find some email validators easier to use.
  • Cost. Different email validators have their own unique pricing plans.

If you want to try out an accurate, easy-to-use email validator for free, then we highly recommend that you try out our EmailOversight validator by clicking here.

Step #2: Upload Your Email List

Once you’ve signed up for an account with your chosen email validation service, the next thing you need to do is upload your email list.

To do this, simply open the email validation dashboard, click the button to upload your list, and then wait a few moments for the upload process to complete.

Step #3: Validate Your Emails

When your email list has finished uploading, you’ll need to validate your emails (the button to do this should be clearly marked on your screen).

If you’re using our EmailOversight validator, the tool will then get to work using pre-set and real-time rules to verify which of your emails are real, and which ones are invalid (or spam traps, complainers, bots, and more).

Email Validator

Step #4: Review the Results

Once finished validating your emails, the email validator will provide you with the validation results.

If you like, you can review these results before moving on to…

Step #5: Clean Your Email List

You can use the email validator to automatically purge invalid and malicious emails from your list.

This helps you save time, preventing you or your team from having to spend potentially hours deleting the invalid emails manually.

Step #6: Download your validated list

When your email list has been cleaned, you will be presented with the option to download the cleaned list.

You can export this cleaned list to your email marketing platform and start running your next email campaign will full confidence.


Using an email validator is a must for any business owner seeking success from their email marketing.

By taking advantage of this useful tool, you can immediately start reaching your subscribers, protecting your business, and saving potentially thousands of dollars.

It couldn’t be any easier to use an email validator online, and all it takes is six simple steps:

Step #1: Choose an email validator that suits your unique preferences

Step #2: Upload your email list

Step #3: Validate your emails

Step #4: Review the results

Step #5: Clean your email list

Step #6: Download your validated list

To give our EmailOversight validator a free test drive, all you have to do is click here.

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