Email Validation & Hygiene

Clean emails through a validation process that combines both email hygiene and real-time email verification.

Improve deliverability by validating email addresses

EmailOversight provides the most advanced process to clean emails through a proprietary multi-method validation process that combines both email hygiene and real-time email verification.

How we verify emails

EmailOversight uses a multi-method solution that utilizes hygiene and verification scans to identify email-based threats such as spam traps, hard bounces, complainers, bots and more. These nefarious emails will cause your sending reputation, IP/domain reputation, and overall delivery to suffer severe damage.

During the combination of scans, the email passes through hygiene, first, in order to remove the reputation and network based problems. Harmful emails like traps, litigators, complainers, bots, disposable technology, and dormant accounts are found and removed prior to moving to phase two. In our second scan, emails are then processed in our verification portion where the system connects with a real-time “PING” in order to receive a proper response code back determining the validity of each email address. Delivery based problems like hard bounces, mal-formatted emails, over-quota accounts, and syntax errors will be found and removed, thus completing the validation process. By finding and removing all the damaging email addresses through the mixture of both processes, it will immediately improve your email deliverability, reputation, and increase your overall engagement propensity.

Email Validation API

Process Emails in real time using our fast and powerful API. Plug code into your websites, forms, and other lead generation areas to validate emails looking to enter their information. API validation helps verify leads at the point of contact and acquisition so you’re able to make a quick decision on keeping or discarding these email addresses.


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Real-Time API

Implement the EmailOversight Real-Time API in any custom registration form, pop-up or POS system.

PGP Encryption and Security

Solution allows for PGP encryption and decryption, and data is secure at every point during the work-flow process.

User Friendly Application & Reporting

24/7 availability for users with immediate or occasional on-demand list verification needs. Comprehensive reporting on cleaning results with custom export functionality.

Global Validation & ISP Analysis

Ability to process & validate email addresses in 150 countries & provide a percentage breakdown of the top 40 ISP domains.

High Speed File Processing

The application and programmatic solutions can process 2 million records in a 24 hour period.

Automated FTP & SFTP solutions

Provides a secure and automated method for Validating emails lists.

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