Why Use an Email Verification API?

Why Use an Email Verification API?

At the heart of every email marketing business is the validity of the email addresses within email lists. Email lists loaded with bad, fake or mal-formatted addresses can cause a slew of issues ranging from poor deliverability and low open rates to low engagement, junk-boxing and spam complaints…

All of which can devastate an email marketing business.

Conversely, having email lists that contain all valid and verified addresses (and associated data) means you’re chances of getting in-boxed are greater, your deliverability will be higher, your engagement rates will be strong and your revenue will grow.

In-boxing your messages to legitimate subscribers with valid email addresses means big money.

According to Marketing Week, up to 60% of all consumers provide incorrect email data when submitting personal details online. And they do it on purpose. Additionally, up to 10% of email addresses that are input by customers at checkout are invalid, whether by accident or otherwise.

Of course, this huge amount of invalid addresses and data creates a nightmare for email marketers. Marketers who only discover the bad addresses and bad data, post list input. Usually only after the first initial contact emails have been sent, and the poor results received.

This means that email marketers must continually scrub their lists clean of hard bounces, known complainers, spam traps and bots, just to assure their good subscriber names are receiving and acting on marketing and content materials.

It can be a tedious, time-consuming and expensive task, and it’s no way to run a profitable business. To assure the validity of email data, some organizations have gone as far as to hire marketing assistants whose sole job is to keep email lists clean.

Now, what if it were possible to assure the validity of email addresses at the point of acquisition, before a single potentially list-damaging email is sent?

And what if hiring an expensive full-time marketing assistant to assure list hygiene was unnecessary?

It would be a game-changer, and everyone would be doing it, right?

Well, there is an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this. But too few marketers have realized it.

It’s called an email verification API, and it can save you more than headaches. It can save you big bucks.

Email verification API’s, like the industry-best API available here at EmailOversight, are simple to use pieces of code you plug in to your forms, websites, newsletter signups or e-cap boxes.

The EmailOversight API not only removes the need for a full time list hygiene employee, but assures all the addresses you’re collecting are legitimate and in-boxable. More, the API allows you to measure your ROI on list-building or lead-gen campaigns much faster.

By instantly knowing which lead-gen channels are performing best, and supplying email marketers with the cleanest data, marketing directors can spend their time pinpointing where new revenue will come from, rather than trying to clean up old messes.

Using an email verification API will eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, help you avoid blacklisting, remove bots and scripts and ensure all the new email addresses entering your list are clean and ready to send.

This, combined with EmailOversight’s Email Activity tool, can help boost revenues, and can turn even a novice email marketer into a superstar in no-time.

By using Email Activity, you’ll have the ability to know how active and engaged your customers are at vital points in your marketing funnel. This tool can also help identify user or subscriber activity through web and email based metrics, and helps improve and monetize leads. Leads which are validated by the email verification API.

This breakthrough tool will match and append any activity based on a user interacting with an email or browsing on a website in the last 30 to 90 days. It helps you target who’s hot, and who’s not.

Now, while an email verification API is a necessity in today’s email marketing world, we must warn you that all API’s are not created equal. Some, if not most, may not perform up to your expectations, and may end up costing you in the long run.

It’s why you should go with the industry’s best and most trusted API.  It’s available at EmailOversight.com, and nowhere else.


Why should you use an email verification API?


You’ll save a lot of it on one end, and make a whole lot more of it on the other.

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