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There are so many more benefits to real-time email verification than meets the eye and that’s why it’s always best practice to use an email verification service with each marketing campaign.

In fact, we’d argue that your email verifier is one of the best tools for your campaign period.

Let’s take a look at how email address verification can serve your marketing campaign in more ways than just validating emails.

How Email Verification Can Bring in New Clients

New clients? From validating a pre-existing list of emails? That’s right!

Email verification, if used in real-time, can give you the confidence to offer coupon campaigns at sign up.

Say, for example, you want to give new customers 25 percent off for signing up with their email. I’m sure you’ve been hesitant on whether or not that coupon will actually reach the customer if some of the unforeseen soft-bounce-type errors occur (like, for instance, a typo when entering their email).

But verifying the email in real-time, you can notify the customer if anything is wrong with the email they inputted, therefore, ensuring that they will receive the 25 percent coupon.

And as I’m sure you know, offering these types of deals definitely makes customers more willing to give you their email addresses.

The reverse effect occurs when the customer receives the email from you with their coupon code. Right there you have given them a positive experience with your company and a strong, new relationship can be formed.

How Validating Your Email List Can Increase Customer Engagement

A clean email list increases your sender reputation and there is a correlation between that and increased click-rates.


Analyzing all the data given to you by email verification, you are much better equipped to send an effective email marketing campaign. With a more effective campaign, you will have more reach and draw your customers in. With more data, the more personal you can get which can helps you keep your customers invested in your brand, products, or company.

Getting Rid of those Dangerous Email Addresses

There’s more to bad emails than just bounces. There can be people who automatically send what they consider “spammy” email straight to their spam folder. These people are known in the email verification community as complainers and complainers can be a major problem for your sender score and reputation.

This notifies email service providers, or ESPs, that your domain is sending bad emails and you could get blacklisted or routed directly to people’s spam folders.

That’s where email verification comes to the rescue. You can use it to segment these addresses into a separate list to be dealt with accordingly.

Saving You Money and Increasing Conversion Rates

Each email you send costs you money. Don’t waste money sending emails to non-existent or bad addresses.

Email list validation will greatly reduce the amount of these bad emails thus saving you money in the long run.


On top of that, a clean email list will improve your conversion rates because your list is cleaner. Take these newly improved numbers to your boss and let your career take off.

Get More Personal with Your Customers

Customers are more likely to engage with your emails if they feel like it’s been sent on a personal level. A “Hello, Jim” rather than a “Hello, there!” can make all the difference in a customer opening your email or not.

They’re not going to open a vaguely-titled email that looks like spam. The data you get from email verification can provide you with more details than whether or not an email will reach the user or not. It can potentially provide you with their name and other details that you can use to better engage and hopefully convert.

As you can see, using an email address verification service does more than just tell you whether or not an email is any good. It helps you acquire new customers, saves you money, helps you connect with your existing customers, helps you avoid complainers, and increases your conversion rates. And we’ve only just scratched the surface.

You’ll notice almost immediately the benefits of using an email validation service and we hope Email Oversight can be along for your journey. With our email list verification service and data appending service, you’ll be a marketing machine in no time at all. If you have any further questions or would like to know how else email verification can help you, contact us and we’ll gladly let you know.

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