Two Quick Steps to A Higher In-Boxing Rate And How to Avoid the “Loop of Death”

Two Quick Steps to A Higher In-Boxing Rate And How to Avoid the “Loop of Death”

While many email marketers concentrate on KPI’s like open rate and click through rate, a key performance indicator you should keep a keen eye on is your in-boxing rate.

Your in-boxing rate is a measure of the percentage of emails that hit an in-box as opposed to the number that end up in junk folders or bounce back.

Obviously, the higher the in-boxing rate, the better. If more subscribers see your messages in their inbox, you have a higher chance for opens, big CTR’s and sales.

With your email sends, you should be aiming for a near 100% in-boxing rate. And in a moment, we’ll show you how the cutting-edge technology at EmailOversight can help get you there.

Now, the quickest way to raise your in-boxing rate is to eliminate all hard bounces, mal-formatted emails, spam traps and addresses of known spam complainers.

Because by eliminating these malicious addresses, not only will your in-boxing rate instantly rise, but you’ll also reduce the number of emails that end up in junk… further raising your rate.

You see, hard bounces and other dangerous email addresses in your lists can cause a fatal loop in the system. We call it the “loop of death.”

And EmailOversight can quickly and easily prevent you from ever falling into it.

What’s the “loop of death”?

Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are always on the lookout for spammers. One of their primary goals is to keep their email users free of junk.

Because of this, they view email marketers with continually high bounce rates as “unclean.”

If you’re “unclean”, not paying attention to your list quality and cleanliness… they know it. They’ll begin to mark your messages and IP/domains as untrustworthy, and a danger to the inbox.

This means just a handful of bad addresses can cause even your best subscribers to find your materials in their junk folder… if they can find them at all.

By leaving these bad addresses on your lists, and continuing to send to them, ESPs and ISPs will eventually flag you as spammer. Meaning even more, if not all your emails, will end up in junk…

Lowering your in-boxing rate to as low as 0%. And your sales to $0.

Not good.

Even if you’re not a spammer, “dirty” addresses and poor hygiene will eventually catch up to you, and could put you out of business.

It’s why, if you want a high in-boxing rate, higher sales and email lists that have a long lifespan, you must cut the loop and eliminate all malicious addresses from your lists immediately.

The simplest and most effective way to do this is by using EmailOversight’s Email Hygiene and Validation technology.

We’ll quickly and effectively eliminate all hard bounces, spam traps, bots, mal-formatted addresses, known complainers and more from your lists. These are the very addresses that cause the “loop of death.’

Your lists, once certified by the EmailOversight technology will be seen by ESPs and ISPs as “clean” and inbox worthy. Meaning you can generate higher open rates, higher click through rates and much bigger profits.

But, to fully eliminate the threat of the loop, you must implement a cost effective and real-time solution. One that eliminates these addresses from ever entering your lists in the first place.

You see, between 5 and 30 percent of all email addresses are “invalid.” Meaning all new lead-gen or list building campaigns you do will include a massive number of bad addresses. Addresses that will put you back in the loop of death.

By adding the EmailOversight Validation API to your form fills, websites and e-cap boxes, you can assure all the new email addressed you collect are good, clean and ready to send to.

This world-class API helps verify addresses as the point of acquisition, so you’ll know immediately if they’re in-boxable, or not.

Two Quick Steps to A Higher In-Boxing Rate

  1. Run all of your current email lists through EmailOversight’s Email Hygiene and Validation technology tool. This tool will eliminate all the malicious addresses that cause the loop of death.
  2. Implement the EmailOversight Validation API everywhere you collect new email addresses. This will prevent malicious addresses from ever getting on your lists in the first place.

By using this quick 2 step system to a higher in-boxing rate, you’ll find more emails reaching your subscribers, more emails will be opened, more clicks will be generated…

And more money will be made!


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