The Fastest Way to Verify All Your Email Addresses

The Fastest Way to Verify All Your Email Addresses

If you are looking for ways to improve your email marketing campaigns, keep reading, because we’ll share the fastest way to verify that all your email addresses are legitimate, in-boxable and will pass the scrutiny of ESPs and ISPs.

Any firm with a digital presence now relies on email marketing. In fact, the average return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is a staggering 4200%, making it among the most cost-effective, profit-boosting marketing strategies there is.

However, obtaining a crazy ROI like this is obviously not as simple as it may seem.

Even if you have tens of thousands of email addresses on your email lists, many of them might be useless and are costing you big-time. And if you have too many bad addresses, you may have a big problem on your hands. One that could spiral out of control.


Email service providers (ESP) and internet service providers (ISP) punish your deliverability if you continually send to bad addresses. The more often you send, the more you’re penalized. Keep sending and eventually, even you best subscribers will find your messages in their junk-box, if they can find them at all.

You have a much better chance of success, and a 4,200% ROI, if you implement effective email verification and validation. It assists you in determining which emails are real, active, and potential revenue producers…

While eliminating the bad addresses that destroy deliverability and ROI.

What Is Email Verification and Why Do You Need It?

Email verification and validation is the practice of making sure the recipient’s mailbox actually exists and is currently accepting mail. Verification and validation also show which addresses are legitimate, which are fake and which addresses are from known spam complainers and bots.

Here are a few reasons why email verification is essential and why skipping it can lead to disastrous campaign problems that take weeks, and cost fortunes to fix.

Improves the Sender Reputation of Your Business

High bounce rates, which are more frequent when a list contains invalid email addresses, can harm a company’s reputation as an email sender. Getting labeled as spammers and being blacklisted is another consequence, and potential business killer.

Raises the Likelihood of Conversion

Sending emails to addresses that don’t exist, or are inactive, increases the risk of your email marketing campaigns failing. Email verification helps to ensure that your good customers can get your promotional emails, which increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Contributes to a Positive Customer Experience

Your company’s emails will never reach a customer who provides the incorrect email address. Having a lot of bad addresses on your lists will eventually cause your good subscribers to miss all the messages they want, as they end up in junk or are blocked. Clean lists mean a great customer experience.

How Email Verification and Validation Works

With so many emails to verify on your mailing list, manually doing it is impossible. Fortunately, there are several tools available at EmailOversight that your business can use to assure your email addresses are legit, in-boxable and can produce big revenue.

All these tools rely on internal databases and a mix of validation and verification techniques interwoven with proprietary algorithms.

Invalid email addresses, spam traps, bots and known spam complainers will be removed from your list after the verification process is complete. You’ll end up with a deliverable and clean email list ready for your marketing initiatives.

Here are some of the features and processes of the EmailOversight email verification tools:

  • Syntax check: This is an essential feature and the initial step in the verification process for any tool. Checking for syntax errors in an email address allows you to ensure that it is spelled correctly, free of any spaces or commas, and has all the appropriate @s, dots, and domain extensions.
  • Domain check: Checking the domain name that hosts an email address lets you verify that the domain name exists, that it is registered, and is operational on the host domain.
  • Disposable email address detection: Many people use throwaway addresses to join services or connect to accounts that require a legitimate email address. Such email addresses are identified and removed from your mailing list to save you time and money.
  • Spam trap detection: Spam traps detect email addresses that have been used to lure unsuspecting email marketing victims. If you unknowingly send an email to one, your email might end up being classified as spam and end up on the ESP/ISP deny list. This can be avoided if your email verification tool can detect spam traps, like the EmailOversight technology can.
  • Email ping: This method involves sending an EHLO message to the recipient’s email address and then waiting for a response. If you receive a server response, you’ll know for sure whether the email address exists and is currently active.

Choosing an Email Verification Tool

Once you’ve decided you’re ROI should be near 4,200% and you’ve determined your company needs an email verifier, you should investigate the various email verification methods available. Here are the following factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a verification tool:

  • Scalability: Make sure the tool you choose is scalable enough for your needs. For your convenience, it should be able to check a single or large email database swiftly. It should also be able to authenticate both public and business email accounts.
  • Accessibility: Some email verification methods are only available on specific devices, and others are only available during set periods and in a particular version. Such restricted access could be problematic for a company that operates around the clock with a wide customer base.
  • Security: Data is a priceless asset. As such, consider the privacy practices and security provided by your email verification service company thoroughly.
  • Integrations: Speed is critical in today’s digital world. Technologies such as an ESP, CRM, and API all play a role in making operations run smoothly and efficiently. When selecting an email verification tool, be sure to look at the available integrations. An excellent email validation solution integrates with essential tools like CRM, ESP, and so on. API integration is also critical for real-time verification.

As a business, email verification can save you a lot of time and money while also allowing you to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. Companies that experience an ROI of 4,200% have clean, verified email lists.

Some companies do not utilize email verification technology, have poor ROI (sometimes negative) and risk their entire digital presence being eliminated by ESPs and ISPS.

The implications of failing to clean your email lists can be disastrous. By investing in an email verification tool, like the industry’s best at EmailOversight, you can easily and quickly ensure that the addresses in your mailing list are active, legitimate, and can accept what you send them.

Your ROI depends on it.

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