Prepare for 2022 With These 16 Email Marketing Statistics

Prepare for 2022 With These 16 Email Marketing Statistics

As we move into 2022, email marketers should be preparing for new opportunities to boost revenues with those 16 Email Marketing Statistics. By correctly targeting current subscribers with proper content and offers, and acquiring data enriched leads, 2022 could be the best year your business has ever had.

But simply accumulating email addresses and hitting “send” will not make 2022 a banner year. It takes knowledge of key email marketing statistics, the use of proper and targeted content and, most importantly, hygienic lists with verified and validated email data.

Most email marketers agree, 2022 will be the biggest revenue-generating year in the history of the medium. With that said, if you’re well prepared, your company will be positioned to take full advantage of it.

Now, there are 16 key email marketing statistics you must know that will remove the blinders and make your 2022 the most successful yet. These 16 statistics below are in no particular order.

However, #16 is the single most important statistic you MUST pay attention to if your company wants a monster year.

  1. The email “industry” is still expanding. In 2022, nearly 350 billion emails will be sent. An 18% increase over the pre-pandemic year of 2019.
  2. Over a third of email marketers contact their subscribers 3-5 times a week. Depending on your content, and your offer schedule, 3-5 emails per week is a sweet spot.
  3. The best days to send email are Tuesday and Thursday. These days have statistically been the best for subscriber engagement. Your strongest offers should be sent on T/TH.
  4. The highest open rate you’ll experience is with a welcome email. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82%. Be sure your welcome email is designed to take advantage.
  5. You can increase your click-through rates by properly segmenting your lists. Well segmented lists increase CTRs by 50% and can generate 760% more revenue.
  6. 66% of email subscribers, regardless of vertical, appreciate branded emails in their inbox at least once a week.
  7. More than 4 billion people worldwide use email. This number, while enormous, is still growing. Meaning your potential pool of buyers is too.
  8. Nearly 60% of business-to-business marketers have found that email marketing is the most effective way to generate revenue.
  9. Never stop testing your creatives. ROI can increase as much as 37% if you continually A/B test. Take your winner, and test against a new creative… constantly.
  10. Mobile phones are the primary device used to check email by millennials and Gen-Zers. Be sure your creatives are mobile-friendly and optimized for this demographic.
  11. 88% of respondents to a survey said they look more favorably to an email if it’s personalized. Use their name if you have the data. If you don’t click HERE to get it.
  12. Send an autoresponder series immediately after your welcome email. Your funnel should be automated, and open rates as high as 98% prove it.
  13. If you haven’t done so already, create an email newsletter. Over 30% of B2B marketers say “free” newsletters are the single best way to nurture leads and build trust.
  14. Well over half of all global internet traffic occurs on mobile devices. Besides your emails, your landing pages must be optimized for mobile.
  15. A large majority of baby boomers, Gen-Xers, millennials and Gen-Zers say email’s the most personal method of brand communication. Use personalized sends, and you’ll see revenue increase greatly.
  16. Email hygiene, data verification and validation are key to all email success. Clean and verified email data have a higher open rate, higher click-through rate and generate greater revenues.

The single most important statistic of the 16 above is the use of email verification and validation. By having clean lists, devoid of spam traps, known complainers, bots, hard bounces and other malicious addresses, you’ll be sending emails only to an audience who responds.

An audience who buys!

What’s better, having clean and verified lists – in which EmailOversight specializes in doing FOR YOU – can assure your email sends end up in inboxes, rather than junk boxes, while your sender score rises and your revenues grow.

Now, no other email statistic matters if you cannot get your sends into in-boxes. It’s why utilizing the email verification and validation hygiene technology at EmailOversight is a must.

This upcoming year will be the biggest year ever for the email marketing industry. By positioning yourself now, with the help of EmailOversight, you’re setting yourself up for massive success.

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