One Secret Tactic the Big Advertisers Use Before Renting Your Email Lists

One Secret Tactic the Big Advertisers Use Before Renting Your Email Lists

Have you wondered why big advertisers pass up renting your email lists, and instead rent from one of your competitors? On the surface, you have similar subscribers, offer similar content and products, and have similar list sizes. But nevertheless, the big bucks are going to your competitors, not you.

Yes, this can be frustrating. The big question is why aren’t they renting your lists?

Well, EmailOversight works with some of the country’s largest advertisers. We help them to better manage their own internal email lists for expanded ROI. And today, we’d like to give you some insights into what they’re looking for when they rent external email lists. Lists just like yours.

And we’ll reveal a simple, yet effective secret they use to assure they’re making the right list rental decisions.

Most importantly, we’ll offer you a quick solution that could assure your lists get rented by the major advertisers in the future. Meaning big list rental bucks could be headed your way too.

Now, ask any large advertiser or top-tier list broker and they’ll tell you their list rental decisions all come down to one thing. Quality.

You see, big advertisers spend a fortune on their creatives. They employ entire teams of copywriters, designers and developers to make that perfect product pitch. One they know is irresistible.

The last thing they want is for one of their creatives to end up in the junk folders of a rented list.

Of course, nobody wants this. But for the big boys, ending up in the junk folders of rented lists means more than just wasted money, it means their creatives could eventually trigger ESPs and ISPs to believe their creative is spam, no matter which lists it’s sent to.

This could completely destroy any future use of it, even if It’s already been converting at a ridiculous rate internally, and externally.

So, media buyers at the big advertisers, and their preferred brokers are always on the lookout for email lists that could potentially shut down their efforts… and turn those costly creatives into garbage.

They want email lists they know are safe to mail to. They care about in-boxes, not list sizes.


How do they know if they’ve found a safe list to mail to?

Well, list owners can tell them the list is hygienic, the open rates are stellar, and CTR’s are insane…

Owners can tell them all about the other advertisers who regularly rent their lists…

They can share those creatives and explain how great ROI has been…

But no matter what a list owner says, media buyers and top-tier brokers for the big advertisers will go ahead and secretly do this anyway:  Seed themselves on lists before renting.

That’s right. The big spenders will, and it’s almost guaranteed, sign up to your list before renting it. And they do it with an address that is NOT their corporate address. One they know you cannot recognize.

So why would they secretly seed themselves? Because secret seeding gives them the ability to measure your list quality almost instantly.

They want to know:

  1. After signing up, are they receiving a welcome letter in their inbox? Or is it going to junk?
  2. If you are in-boxing them, are you sending regular content? Or are you only sending offers?
  3. How targeted is your user experience? If they signed up on your website homepage, are they receiving materials that match the website content, messaging, and theme?
  4. If they signed up on an offer page, does your content match the theme of the offer they signed up for?
  5. Back to #1, the thing that really matters. Are you in-boxing? Or are your messages going to the junk folder?

The single most important thing the big advertisers are looking for when renting email lists is this: are your email sends getting in-boxed or not?

Because they know that if their creative is in-boxed, it will convert.

Now, you may be thinking “why would big advertisers tell EmailOversight about their secret list spying efforts?”

Well, the truth is, they want to rent your lists. They need the inventory. The more hygienic lists that are available on the market, the better it is for them.

Now, the easiest way possible to assure your email sends are getting in-boxed (meaning those clandestine accounts of big advertisers are too) is to use EmailOversight’s Email Validation and Hygiene tools.

Our best-in-class email in-boxing technology has proven to increase deliverability and in-boxing rates, drastically. Meaning you can beat your competitors to the punch when it comes to those big list rental fees.

You see, the big national advertisers are more than willing to pay big bucks to rent your list…

So long as all of your email sends are getting in-boxed. It’s why you should use EmailOversight’s Email Validation and Hygiene technology before you put your list on the market for rental.

By doing so, the undercover email addresses used by the big advertisers will get inboxed…

They’ll see the quality they’re looking for…

And in no time, you could have them lined up around the corner, check in hand!

But even if your lists are already on the market, it’s highly advised you use EmailOversight now, to assure increased delivery rates.

Because those big advertisers?

They’re watching. And once they see you in their inbox…

They’re spending!

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