How to Increase Email ROI with Data Verification

How to Increase Email ROI with Data Verification

The single most important metric of any digital marketing campaign is Return on Investment, or ROI.  Knowing your ROI helps you determine the success or failure of a particular campaign.  But ROI can be skewed or even absolutely crushed if your email lists have unverified, or bad data.

The good news is you can increase email ROI with data verification.  And with Email Oversight, it’s actually quite easy to accomplish.

Now, you may have a lead-gen campaign that seems to be “killing it”.  You’re collecting dozens of email addresses a day and sending them offers they can’t refuse.  But, for some reason you’re deliverability is low, your open rate is low and your bounces are off the chart.  Why?

Lead-gen campaigns, for example, using free offers or polls are notorious for bad data inputs.  If you’re running a poll about which fast food company makes the best hamburgers and you require an email address to see the results, you’ll find a lot of fake or invalid email addresses are entered by users.  This is true for form fills as well.

This is a two-fold problem.  First, you think you’ve collected a viable name, so your cost per acquisition is wrong.  Second, those fake names are being added to your email list… and you’re sending to them.  This is perhaps an even more costly problem than the CPA being off.


Bad names can ruin sender reputation, demolish deliverability, increase SPAM complaints and cause delays or disruptions in sends to your good names.  Simply put, bad email addresses destroy ROI and can ruin the list you’ve spent fortunes building.

But you can actually increase email ROI with data verification.  Here’s how:

First, you need to validate and verify emails in your current list.  You may already be sending to bad names and not even know it.  It could be loaded with SPAM traps and fake addresses.

But do you know who does know if you’re sending to fake names?  The ESP on the receiving end of your sends.

When you’re hitting SPAM traps and sending to fake names, those ESP’s will lower your sender score, dump you into spam folders, drop deliverability and in some cases, not deliver at all.  Low delivery rates and low open rates translate directly to poor ROI.

By eliminating bad email addresses in your list, your sender score rises and your deliverability rises.

You can increase email ROI with data verification on your current list buy using Email Oversight’s Email Validation and Hygiene services HERE.

But what about lead-gen campaigns?

You can actually build a super responsive, clean and viable email list by using polls, form fills and free offers, even if they’re rife with fake names.  How?

You can increase email ROI with data verification as your lead-gen campaign is live.  Before you send a welcome letter, auto responder or any other emails to those new lead-gen names, be sure to check if they are, in fact, real and viable names.

The tools at Email Oversight are designed for just this purpose.  As new names come in, you should verify the data with Email Validation See how HERE.

This will allow you to scrub out any fake names, bad addresses or SPAM traps before you send to them the very first time.

By utilizing Email Oversight’s Email Validation from the moment you obtain a new name, you can be sure the address is real and is ready to market to.  A clean list will produce a much higher ROI.

It’s quite easy to increase email ROI with data verification when using Email Oversight.

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