How to Clean and Verify Email Addresses

How to Clean and Verify Email Addresses

EmailOversight uses a multi-method solution that utilizes hygiene and verification scans that identify spam-traps, hard bounces, complainers, bots and other email based threats.  And we remove them!

Four Steps to a Clean and Verified Email List

Step 1:  Emails pass through our “hygiene engine” to remove reputation and network based issues.

Step 2:  Nefarious email addresses, like spam-traps, litigators, bots and dormant accounts are identified and removed.

Step 3:  Emails enter a second scan where they are verified via real-time “PING” receiving back a code to identify the validity of the address.

Step 4:  The validation and hygiene is complete.  Your list is now clean of hostile addresses and contains only valid email addresses.

The Real-Time Validation API Solution

The EmailOversight API technology allows you to verify and clean email addresses from the point of acquisition.

You plug a simple piece of code into your website, forms or other lead-gen pages that will help verify addresses at the initial point of contact, before harmful addresses enter your list.

The powerful application programming interface at EmailOversight cleans and verifies addresses in real-time, as you’re harvesting them.  We give you the tools to keep your lists clean and get your messages in-boxed.

With EmailOversight, you can focus on what you do best, grow revenue and profit.


How to Clean and Verify Email Addresses

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