Enriching Email Data to Boost Your Sales

Enriching Email Data to Boost Your Sales

Email marketers from companies of all sizes know how important list hygiene is. From improving open rates to eliminating spam traps, a good, clean email list is the necessary foundation of all email-based marketing businesses.

Clean lists mean more sales.

Bud did you know that you can assure even more sales by simply enriching the email data you already have?

It’s true.

Because while clean lists mean more sales, enriched lists mean even more sales. Way more sales, in fact.

Having current and targetable information (enriched data) on your subscribers means you can tailor messages and marketing materials more towards them, and their “wants and needs.”

By knowing what your subscribers want or need, your marketing efforts will be more effective and profitable.

Better targeting = better sales.

Now, there’s two types of data in the email world. Unenriched and enriched.

Unenriched data (assuming your lists are clean and all the addresses are validated) are things like the address itself, and the subscriber’s name.

While having simple data like your subscribers’ first names is a good start to personalizing your email sends, it’s not enough information to build highly responsive segmented lists that you can target messages to.

If your email data is unenriched, you will have a much harder time growing sales and attracting advertisers, even if you “think” you know who your subscribers are.

Now, on the other hand there’s enriched email data.

Enriched email data “fills in the blanks” on missing subscriber or customer info. Enriched email data gives you the necessary tools to better segment and target your subscribers and prospects.

And here’s why it’s so important.

Email data enrichment fills-in the missing targetable data, allowing for more personalized messaging. Why settle for only knowing your subscribers’ first names, when you can know their postal addresses, genders, ethnicities, ages and more…

With these details, your messaging can go from “bulk blast” to highly specific and targeted. And your ROI on every send could increase greatly because of it.

Now, enriching your email data sounds like a time-consuming chore, one that you may need to hire a marketing assistant for. But, in fact, it’s easy…

And you don’t need to hire anyone!

EmailOversight, the industry leader in email data enrichment, specializes in getting you all the data you need, saving you time and money, allowing you to increase your internal sales and outside advertiser bookings…

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Here’s an example of email data enrichment in action.

Let’s say you have 10,000 subscribers. You’ve collected these subscriber email addresses by offering a free financial newsletter. You have their email addresses and first names, but no other details. All unenriched data.

Now, you get a call from an advertiser who wants to rent your list. The advertiser has two products he’s interested in pitching to your subscribers. One is a product for retirees, and the other is a product for 30-something day-traders.

Without enriched data, like age in this case, you may not know which product best fits your subscribers.

If you advertise the product for retirees, and it turns out your list is composed of 80% 30-something day-traders, your results will be poor, and you’ll  never hear from that advertiser again.


With enriched email data, you’ll know your subscribers’ ages before-hand.  Knowing that only 20% of your list is composed of retiree aged subscribers allows you to not only correctly choose the day-trading product, but also gives you the tools to accept both products, and knock it out of the park!

Here’s how:

With EmailOversight’s Data Enrichment tool, you’d be able to segment your list into two (for this example). One segment is for subscribers over 55, and the other segment for subscribers who are younger.

Now, just send the appropriate advertising materials to the appropriate data segment.

Because of this data specific targeting, your subscribers will see an advertisement that speaks to them, and they’ll reward you for it with sales. Far more sales than you’d have gotten by sending the wrong message to the wrong subscribers.

And better yet, that advertiser will be back for more!

But it goes far beyond that. Now, many advertisers are asking email list owners to geo-target for specific subscribers. And there’s big money in this. Knowing the geo of all your subscribers could lead to a windfall in new advertisers.


With EmailOversight’s Data Enrichment, you’ll have all the geo-targeting data they want!

It’s simple. The more enriched your email data is, the more money you’ll make.

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