Email Deliverability Solutions

Email Deliverability Solutions

Why are all of your email campaign-sends ending up in junk folders?  Have all of your list building efforts been a waste of time and money?

The short answer is no.  Not when you use EmailOversight, the email deliverability solution you can count on.  But if you’re not using EmailOversight’s cutting-edge solutions, your campaigns, and your business, could be in trouble.

You see, hitting junk folders is a common problem for email marketers.  No matter how well your list building seems to be going, from an acquisition point of view, you’re likely to find spam traps, invalid email addresses or known “complainers’ on your lists.

It’s these email addresses (among others) that can destroy your chances of getting in-boxed, can cost you dearly in lost revenue, and can ultimately ruin your business.

Now, chances are that these malicious addresses are already on your lists… and you may not even know it.

But you don’t have to worry.

There’s an email deliverability solution that not only removes all of these hostile addresses from your lists, but can actually prevent them from ever getting on there in the first place.

Before we show you the easiest way possible to remove these bad addresses, and prevent more of them from populating your list, let’s quickly review what they actually are.

Spam Traps:  These are “undercover” email addresses used by ISP’s ESP’s and anti-spam programs to find spammers.

Unfortunately, even if you’re not a spammer, these addresses can end up on your lists.  And if you don’t remove them, your IP address or domain can be marked as a possible spam sender.

Even a small amount of spam-traps can affect your sending reputation and email deliverability.

Spam-traps don’t discriminate.  You can find them infiltrating every email list from every business.  These traps are everywhere.

Now, a visual review of your email lists won’t show you any spam-traps.  They look just like valid email addresses.  Because of this, it’s almost impossible to manually remove them.

Invalid email addresses:  There are two main types of invalid email addresses.  Poor user input and purposeful “fake” address input.

Poor user input occurs when a prospect enters their email address incorrectly when signing up to join your list.  While the intent is not malicious, the results of their errors can cause major headaches.

Purposeful “fake” inputs occur when a prospect wants to see your offer without giving up their real address.  These types of inputs occur often when your harvesting efforts include polls or free offers.  These prospects only want to see the poll results, or get the free premium, but don’t want email contact from you to receive it.

Of course, they don’t realize they’re harming you by doing so.  But they are.

Both of these common invalid address types can cause hard bounces and a drop in sender score and deliverability.  One of the main reasons you’re not getting in-boxed.

Now, some of these addresses can be manually removed.  It is a painstakingly long process, but some are easily identifiable.  Like mistyped ESP names such as or

Or, of course, the use of crude names or curse words in the address.  There’s no need to use an example of those here.  You already know what they look like.

Even though you can remove some of these obviously invalid addresses, many more are impossible to catch with the naked eye.

Known complainers:  Did you know that there is a huge amount of people who sign up for a list only to hit the spam button later on?  These people do it regularly with total disregard for your business.

Even double opt-in email lists have known complainers.

These are real people, using real addresses… but have a nasty habit of hitting the spam button once they no longer want to receive your materials.

Instead of clicking “remove me from your list” they just hit spam.

Obviously, when a person hits that spam button bad things can happen.  Sure, you can spend time fighting the complaint, but that’s lost time you’ll never get back.  Time you should have used to focus on marketing and revenue.

What’s worse, some of these “complainers” have been known to enjoy lawsuits just as much as they enjoy hitting the spam button.

They threaten businesses with litigation all the time.  Which can cost you even more money… and an even bigger headache.

You need to get them off your lists immediately.

See, there’s an entire universe of these known complainers.  And if you already know who they are, you might be able to manually remove them from your lists.

But chances are, you don’t know who they are.  Until it’s too late.

This is why you need the proven email deliverability solution offered by EmailOversight.  We know who the complainers are… and we can remove them from your lists immediately.  While there’s still time.

You see, EmailOversight is the industry’s leading hygiene and email validation company.  We can clean all the bad addresses from your lists, including spam-traps, invalid addresses and known complainers, just to name a few.

What’s better, with our API, you can prevent malicious addresses from ever getting on your list in the first place.

After we scrub your existing lists clean, and validate every address you have, you simply add a small piece of code to your website, landing pages or form fills.

This piece of code will allow us to automatically filter out bad addresses before they enter your list.  Making you a lean, clean, in-boxing machine.

So forget trying to manage your lists manually.  It’s inefficient and it simply doesn’t work.


EmailOversight’s proven email deliverability solutions sure do!

And it’s the simplest way to get your email sends back into customer inboxes.  Right where they belong.

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