Outreach Marketing


With millions of live websites out there, it’s easy for your content to go unnoticed. And with so many email campaigns being sent each minute—how are you going to stand out from the rest?

The answer? Outreach marketing, also better known as influencer marketing.

But what are the effective outreach marketing strategies to get the results that you want? And do you need an email validation service for outreach marketing? We’ll answer these key questions plus more in this article, so keep reading!

What is Outreach Marketing?

Before anything else, let us first discuss what outreach marketing is all about. Outreach marketing is the practice of pitching content to influential people, organizations, or websites that have a strong connection with your target audience or have a shared interest in what you do or offer.

The outreach marketing method involves searching out influential people or organizations and then reaching out to them with the intent of getting them to promote your content, products, or services. Thus basically, it’s all about finding and contacting these influencers that have the most relevant audiences with the goal of convincing them to recommend you to their followers. They act as a bridge so that you can reach your target customers.

As people get more and more digitally connected, and with so many advertisements and marketing gimmicks out there—it has become too tiring and overwhelming for many. These days, most people loathe seeing ads anymore, while others can easily identify if you are serving them marketing pitches and gimmicks. The challenge today is how to approach people in an authentic yet relevant manner—and this is the part where outreach marketing can help you.

Connecting with the right influencers can drive traffic to your website, help promote credibility, and increases your brand awareness. Outreach marketing, when done properly, can boost your SEO, as well as your conversion rates that may eventually lead to profit. In this time and age, people seldom believe in advertisements. On the contrary, according to research, about 83% of people trust recommendations from their peers or influential sites.

While outreach marketing can be done using different channels, from social media, email, phone—it’s important to concentrate first on the most effective channel. To date, email marketing, when done properly, is still unbeatable when it comes to bringing in better conversion rates and ROI. However, for it to be effective, just like any other channel, it requires the implementation of the latest effective strategies.

Outreach Marketing Strategies

Outreach Marketing Strategies

You should know by now that sending generic emails or campaigning to random people are some of the worst email marketing practices you can commit. Consequently, just like any digital marketing strategy, careful research and planning of your strategy are necessary to succeed in outreach marketing.

Here, let’s look at some of the most effective outreach marketing strategies that we surely think you should consider.

  • What is your goal?

When it comes to outreach marketing, the very first thing you should do is to define your goals and objectives. Many marketers who consider themselves experts can still fall in the trap of not paying enough attention in this crucial step.

Hence, carve out a clear plan and dutifully set your goals and objectives for your outreach marketing campaign. This way, you can keep track of your progress and it will be a lot easier to determine if your campaign is failing or succeeding. Not only that, having clearly defined goals allows you to better focus on finding the right influencers to help you achieve the results that you want.

  • Find your target group

After carefully curating your plan, including setting clear goals and objectives—it’s time to find your target group. You should find specific individuals or organizations that are relevant to your business for better engagement. These can be niche-specific bloggers, social media influencers, journalists, or high-ranking sites.

These influencers are prospects that can help promote your content, products, or services. Once you identify and find your target group, collect valuable information. Crucial details such as their email address, full name or at least their first name, business or company name, achievements or advocacies, and so forth. Getting this important information will allow you to personalize your communication with them.

1. Choose your targeting tool

Admittedly, outreach marketing isn’t easy and fast. On the contrary, it is time-consuming compared to bulk email marketing campaigns. To remedy this, the best way to do is to choose the right targeting tool such as Adobe Audience Manager and Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Picking an effective and efficient audience targeting tool not only saves your precious time but also helps you avoid unnecessary drudge work. Getting the right digital marketing tools can also lower your costs. It helps identify and build your target audience profile for better segmentation.

2. Validate your outreach group 

Once you collected your prospects’ data, don’t assume that everything is correct or valid especially their email addresses. Email outreach as mentioned above is not easy and does require your effort and time—but it’s worth it. However, your efforts will be put to waste if your data is not properly validated.

Getting an email validation service is essential for you to fully reap the benefits of outreach marketing. Email data list validation is important to reduce your bounce rate and avoid a negative impact on your Sender Reputation. A reliable email validation service helps clean your list and eliminate invalid, or non-existent emails.

  • Create your pitch

Pitch your content to influencers, but make sure to only send a well-thought-out email. Even if you have the most appealing offer, and the purest of intention—not everyone will respond or read your email. This is why it’s paramount to create a compelling, relevant and personalized email to your prospects to get high response rates.

To create an effective pitch, start by crafting a catchy and informative Subject Line. It should be clear, concise, easy to understand, direct, and creative. Then craft an appealing message with a simple structure, a suitable language, and your purpose. And before sending it you should always include a CTA.

1. Personalize your outreach

A key to your outreach marketing success is to personalize your approach. Personalization shows that you are in for serious business partnership and that you took the time to get to know your prospects. Personalized outreach email is so effective that it has been proven time and again to increase your open rate, CTR, conversion rate—which all lead to higher revenue.

When it comes to personalization, the most important data to have are your prospect’s name, location, company/username/blog name, position, advocacies, and niche. Be cautious though, to not overdo it as generating and using sensitive personal information can backfire.

2. Segment your outreach list

Once you collected your prospect’s data and have validated it, you can now use it to segment your outreach list. Segmentation is key to nailing personalization in your pitch. Therefore, use this data to create an informed decision on what your recipient wants to see in your email.

3. Use CTA 

You should never forget to add a call-to-action (CTA) to your outreach marketing campaigns. A good CTA practice should include your request, a link to your content, your products, or services, and what you need your prospects to do. You should also have two CTAs: the first one is your initial CTA with your link, and the second will be at the end as a reminder of your request.

  • Build a loyal relationship

Outreach marketing isn’t just about having top influencers endorsing you. It’s also about building connections and a win-win lasting business relationship with your influencers.

You should likewise do your part in helping them grow and in promoting them too. When you follow their sites, share their content, offer an incentive, or just engage them in a conversation—both of you win. Accordingly, cultivate a strong relationship with your target influencers and it will surely be rewarding.

validating your outreach group

Benefits after validating your outreach group

Again, outreach marketing is a bit tedious compared to bulk email campaigns, nonetheless, it is very effective. And in order not to waste your effort and time after collecting your prospects’ data, it’s very important to validate your list. Incorporating email validation service is a must-have as it helps clean your list for reasons stated earlier in this article.

Now, let’s look at some noteworthy benefits of validating your outreach group.

  • Increase conversion rate

The need to verify your email list comes from the fact that addresses can be incorrect, no longer valid, or non-existent at all. When you keep sending email campaigns to an unverified list—you risk your Sender Reputation Score as there’s a possibility of a higher bounce rate. In contrast, when you validate your data you benefit from a higher deliverability rate. Consequently, it leads to a higher open rate and then increasing the conversion rate.

  • Saving money

Since an email validation service improves the quality of your data, you also minimize your marketing costs and your time.

  • Higher win rate

A successful email list validation would result in a higher win rate as you can better test your marketing campaigns.

Outreach marketing templates

Lastly, contrary to popular belief, you can use a template for outreach marketing. The key is not to make it look or sound templated, but to approach it in a personalized and relevant manner. You can send templated pitches to several prospects without appearing generic. This is why email validation, personalization, and segmentation plays a huge role when launching your campaigns.


Outreach marketing is an effective method to utilize when reaching influencers to help promote your content, product, or services. However, to fully benefit from it, you will need to plan and implement effective marketing strategies. One of them is getting a smart email validation service as it is crucial to your outreach marketing success.

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