Email List Hygiene: Why You Must Keep Clean

Email List Hygiene: Why You Must Keep Clean

If you’re serious about email marketing, growing revenues and generating profit, email list hygiene is a must. Simply put, if you want to get your marketing and content emails in-boxed, you have to keep your lists clean.

Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and Email Service Providers (ESP’s) are always on the lookout for “dirty” emails. These are invalid addresses, spam traps, bots, hard bounces and others. If you have these problem addresses on your lists, and chances are you do, and you send to them, the ISP’s and ESP’s will penalize you, eventually sending all of your messages into junk.

Obviously, it’s impossible to make any real money in email if your messages end up in junk folders. And if you ignore the penalties (like junk boxing, lowered sender score and low deliverability) your business could end up in a situation far worse than just lost revenues, you could be labeled a spammer, your IP’s will be blacklisted, and you could face massive fines.

It’s why email list hygiene is a must. By keeping all nefarious email addresses off your list, you can assure deliverability and in-boxing. And you can assure you’ll continue to grow revenues. Email list hygiene used to be a time consuming and tedious task. But now, with EmailOversight, email list hygiene is a snap!

Before we show you the simplest, most cost effective and proven way to keep your email lists clean, and your revenue growing, let’s look at 5 reasons why email list hygiene should be your top priority.

1* Speed delivery times: Hygienic email lists get delivered and in-boxed quickly. Lists loaded with bad addresses have much slower delivery times. Deliverability speed is especially important if your business sends timely messages.

2* Increase deliverability rate: Clean email lists have a much higher deliverability rate than lists full of malformities or nefarious addresses. The cleaner your list, the higher the rate of deliverability and in-boxing.

3* Increased Sender Score: Lists full of spam traps, hard bounces and known complainers will end up with a low sender score. This means ISP’s and ESP’s are penalizing you and dumping your messages into spam. Undergoing email list hygiene will allow your sender score to rise, and your in-boxing efforts to greatly improve.

4* Increase you online reputation: A list full of bad addresses, spam traps, hard bounces and known complainers will result in more spam complaints, lower in-boxing and lower deliverability. Having clean lists marks you with a good reputation and boosts your in-boxing.

5* Increase your ROI: Proper email list hygiene means your marketing efforts will be seen. The most important part of email marketing is getting your messages to the intended recipients and converting them to sales. Clean email lists will allow you to get in-boxed and to boost your ROI.

The simplest, most cost effective and proven way to keep your email lists clean

In order to achieve speedy delivery times, increased deliverability, a high sender score, increased online reputation and a higher ROI, you need to practice good email list hygiene.

The best way to assure this is with EmailOversight. Our email list hygiene services provide the industry’s most advanced process of cleaning email lists through our proprietary multimethod validation process.

We can clean all of your current email lists, and help you keep your future email names clean as well. Here’s how:

First, during a number of technical scans, we pass the addresses through hygiene to remove all reputation and network-based issues. This removes all harmful email addresses like, spam traps, known complainers, bots, dormant accounts and disposable addresses.

Then, in another round of scans, email addresses are processed in our verification portion, where our system connects with a real-time “PING.” This real-time PING process allows us to receive a response code back, letting us determine the validity of the address. Here, we can remove issue addresses like hard bounces, mal-formatted addresses, over quota accounts and syntax errors.

After our scanning and PINGing is complete, you’re left with an email list that is hygienic, and ready to send to. The addresses in your email list now have a much higher probability of being in-boxed and opened. This will allow you to grow revenue and increase ROI.

Now, for all of your list building efforts moving forward, you should implement the EmailOversight Email Validation API. Our industry-best API is a small piece of code you insert on your form fills, landing pages, e-cap boxes, or anywhere you’re collecting email addresses. Our API assures all the names you’re gathering are clean and ready to send to. You’ll never have to worry about bad addresses entering your lists again.

It’s email list hygiene in real-time, during list building.

You see, there’s no need to have bad addresses residing on your email lists. The only outcome will be lower revenue and wasted money, and potentially worse.

Email list hygiene is a must for any serious email marketer. With EmailOversight, you can rest assured you’re sending to clean addresses and your marketing efforts will bear fruit. And with our API, you’ll know every email address you collect and send to is a potential buyer!

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