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If you don’t know, appending means to add to something. Therefore, data appending means adding data.

In a business environment, it’s imperative to know just about everything about your customers. From what they bought, so when they bought it, to what time they bought it—every single piece of information is crucial to effectively market your brand.

Businesses that have many customers or have been in business a long time have troves of customer information—but is it all correct?

Accuracy of your data is just as important as the size of your data.

Data appending fills the gaps in your database and reverse adding data gets rid of incomplete and inaccurate information.

For instance, some customers might be missing a home or work phone number, an outdated email address, gender, job title, etc.

Regular appending of your customer data list can make all the difference in your next email marketing campaign.

Why You Need Data Appending?

To be competitive in today’s business climate, you need the best information possible. Data appending services, which try and match database lists against already verified lists, is a truly effective way to ensure the quality of your data.

So, what are the benefits of data appending for your business?

Cleaner Information

Aside from completing and verifying your information, most services can also correct typos, fix updated place names (like new addresses/zip codes), and clean up other postal and email address errors.

If you use multiple sources for your contact information, that will only strengthen the validity of your list.

Reduce Waste

Returned mail, bounced email addresses, and wrong phone numbers all create some type of waste for your business—namely: time.

Time is money, and the more time you spend dealing with incorrect information, the less time you have to focus on other money-making things. Your staff will also be able to do their jobs more effectively not having to deal with waste.

More Information

Obviously, the most important benefit to data appending is the information. Most services add or verify name, address, email address, phone, and occupation for individuals or businesses.

Appending services can also help you find gender, birthdays, job roles and titles, and in some instances (depending on legalities) credit scores and incomes.

To go a step further, data appending services can also help you find social mediahandles for things like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With all this information, it better helps you send more effective marketing campaigns due to all the segmentation.

Segmentation Improvement

As stated, with more information comes better means to tailor to each individual through segmentation. Have a product that’s for women in their mid-30s who make X amount of income?

Instead of just having name and age, through data appending you can also find other information, like income, which will aid you in your marketing efforts.

Keeping Cost Down

This one relates to reducing waste, but this service is really quite affordable when you factor in all the benefits above. For just a few dollars per verified list, you save on staff research, staff error correction, and more.

Data appending is really a cost-saving service.

What is Reverse Data Appending?

Reverse data appending is a fancy marketing term (like how “the cloud” is to the technology realm).

It basically means that when you have certain information about a customer like their name, number, and job, you can reverse append and add all their other information from the verified lists we talked about earlier.

Reverse data appending attaches whatever is missing from your existing individual or business, such as their email and/or postal address or phone number.

Pairing Email Verification and Data Appending

Data appending is great, but sometimes your data just needs a bath—especially your emails.

Emailing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns a business can run.

Even with all your information being correct, customers can still fatigue from your emails or ISPs can start to blacklist your company and your emails may never reach your customers in the first place.

It’s therefore prudent to make sure your appending service includes email verification.

You don’t want your emails to soft or hard bounce and you don’t want to send an email that your customers don’t interact with.

Your email sender reputation can make or break your email campaign. But with proper and verified customer data and a verified email list there never should be an issue, to begin with!

Contact Email Oversight’s data append and email verification experts to find out how to implement real-time appending and verification services to your client list today!

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