Using Phone Number Verification to Improve Revenue Opportunities

Using Phone Number Verification to Improve Revenue Opportunities

Looking to take your email marketing business to the next level? Phone number verification can help you create a three headed marketing monster, and the revenue opportunities are endless.

While email continues to be one of the most cost effective, highest ROI marketing channels there is, adding SMS text or telemarketing divisions to your business can create a revenue windfall.

Nearly 7 out of 10 businesses say SMS marketing is an effective tool for generating sales. And it’s no wonder why. SMS campaigns have shown an average response rate of 45%, and an average open rate of 98%.

And if you’re in the B2B space, telemarketing can be your top source of new sales, as 90% of new customer interactions happen over the phone.

Even email-centric marketing businesses should use SMS and telemarketing to help bolster results.

Sending an SMS update or offer that links to your website will undoubtedly be seen by your subscribers, as evidenced by the 98% open rate. And adding a personalized telephone call, to up-sell higher-ticket products, has shown to be a highly effective tool for both increased sales and relationship building.

Simply put, your business can benefit big by using the valid phone numbers your subscribers provide to you.

However, with SMS and telemarketing, like email marketing, there are some challenges.

Namely, fake, or mistyped phone numbers leading to dead ends, or worse… complaints and fines.

It’s why building your SMS or telemarketing lists should be done with the same care and cleanliness as your email lists. Because like email, phone hygiene matters, and phone number verification is key to keeping clean.

Here’s Four Ways to Build an SMS or Telemarketing list to add to your email business

  1. Your email newsletter should have a free offer, like an e-book, for those who enter their mobile number.
  2. Use social media to create “text-to-enter” promotions where users enter their mobile number to be entered into a sweepstakes or lottery.
  3. Add a “contest” form fill to your website. Like the “text-to-enter” promo on social media, but on your own website.
  4. Include a phone number field in all your form fills. You may want this field to be optional if your main goal is email capture.

Be sure you include text messaging or telemarketing information on your Terms and Conditions page and provide an opt-out to all subscribers.

Now, just like email, many users will input incorrect phone number data. And texting or calling these numbers can lead to complaints and fines. It’s why you need phone number verification to improve these revenue streams and ensure your reaching the right people.

Phone hygiene, like email hygiene, can make or break your marketing business.

So, before you send your first SMS text, or make your first phone call, be sure to use EmailOversight’s phone validation tool.

This tool identifies working US phone numbers, and lets you know which numbers on your list are bad, which are from known SMS and telemarketing complainers, which are blacklisted, and which are landlines.

You’ll be able to quickly eliminate problem phone numbers from your list before any messages or calls are made.

Here’s what EmailOversight’s phone validation tool can do for you

  •  We can confirm that your phone numbers are properly formatted and have no errors
  •  We can confirm which numbers are mobile, landline or VOIP
  •  Name of current carrier
  •  Name of previous carrier
  •  We can identify which phone numbers have complained to the FTC or TCPA or have been blacklisted
  •  We can confirm the validity of the phone number

Before you begin any SMS or telemarketing campaign, and you should, it’s important to know the numbers you are contacting are valid, verified and are legitimate subscribers. Contacting invalid or illegitimate subscribers can lead to big FTC fines and can potentially shut down your business.

But, with EmailOversight, you can rest assured, the numbers you are contacting are legitimate, and the revenue growth you’ll experience could be phenomenal.

The only thing better than using the EmailOversight phone validation tool, is to use the EmailOversight phone validation API.

Our API works in real-time to clean your phone numbers, as you’re collecting them. Simply put a small piece of code in your form fills, and our API technology can instantly verify and validate all your phone numbers before you send a single SMS text, or make a telemarketing call.

This API can take all the risk of text and telemarketing out of the equation, leaving you with clean phone numbers that are ready to be marketed to.

With a 98% open rate, a 45% response rate and 90% of new customer acquisition happening over the phone for B2B, including or expanding your SMS and telemarketing divisions of your business is a no-brainer.

And with EmailOversight, you can do it with confidence!




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