The 14 Must-Use API ’s for Email Marketers

The 14 Must-Use API ’s for Email Marketers

The new era of email marketing is here. Adding these 14 API ‘s application programming interfaces to your efforts will boost your open rates, enhance click-through rates, and take your sales to the next level.

  1. Email Validation: This verifies the validity of all the addresses entering your list.
  2. Phone Validation: SMS campaigns need real and valid phone numbers. This API provides them.
  3. Activity Match: Match & append any email or website activity within the last 30 to 90 days.
  4. Address Validation: Confirms validity of mailing address data entered on form fills.
  5. Email Append: This API provides you with accurate email addresses based on other data.
  6. IP Email Append: Get email addresses of visitors to your site based on IP addresses.
  7. Name Append: This gives you the full name of your subscribers.
  8. Address Append: Going postal? You’ll need this API to get accurate mailing addresses.
  9. Zip Append: This gives you the necessary info for geo-target-based email marketing.
  10. Age Append: Need to know the ages of the people on your lists? This API provides them.
  11. DOB Append: With DOB Append, you’ll know everyone’s birthday. Talk about targeting!
  12. Gender Append: You can segment your lists by gender when you use this API.
  13. Ethnicity Append: Another awesome solution for list segmentation.
  14. Data Append: Missing any data from your subscribers? This key API fills it in for you!

All 14 of these API’s, and more, are available at Simply visit our website and start enhancing your data today.



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