How to Create New Products Using Data Enrichment and Email Segmentation

Did you know that your email lists contain enough hidden data on your subscribers that you can actually create brand new products? That’s right. You can build an entire product line based solely on the subscribers you already have. And with enough data (see how to get it HERE), the chances of your new product line being successful is off the charts.

And you don’t need surveys or form fills to do it.

Email marketers have been building product or industry-specific lists for decades. But most have failed to realize their lead-gen efforts have produced more user data than they could have imagined. But, most of this data is invisible to the naked eye, or just needs a little “enrichment” boost to get it there.

This is where data enrichment and email segmentation come in. Now let’s say, for example, you’ve built a strong list in the gaming segment. You send out content and news about the industry, like what the big game developers are up to, or how awesome a particular gaming convention was. For your product offers, maybe you sell new game releases, refurbished games, consoles, fan gear or repair services.

Every time a subscriber makes a purchase, you’re collecting geographical data on them. Knowing where they live can allow you to tailor a product to them. If you have 2,000 subscribers who live in and around New York, you can sell them localized convention or event tickets, or customized gaming apparel like sweaters and jackets.

2,000 subscribers in Miami? They won’t be buying sweaters and jackets, but game-themed bathing suits and tee-shirts just may fly off your digital shelf.

Send the appropriate offers to the appropriate geo-located subscribers. Segmentation allows for this.

But get this, your subscribers never even have to make a purchase for you to get their geo-location. And by using the Data Enrichment tools at EmailOversight, you’ll get far more than just a physical address. You’ll get data like full names, age, gender, ethnicity and more.

This can tell you perhaps even more about your subscribers than even purchase history. By enriching all of your data, and segmenting it by gender, age or geo, you can send specific offers to specifically targeted segments at specific times of the year.

If you find that 50% of your buyers are over the age of 60, perhaps they’re buying video games for their grandkids. But what about them? Maybe your older buyers want games too. Just not Fortnite or Super Mario Maker. Board games might crush it with them. With age segmentation and targeting, you can create offers specifically for them.

And when you know the gender of your subscribers, you can send gender-specific offers too. For example, you can send your female segment holiday offers like “Valentine’s gifts for the male gamer.” Or the male segment could receive an offer that let’s them buy “the perfect gift for the gal gamer.”

The amount of offers you could create is almost endless. But you need the data to do it.

Knowing all the possible data on your subscribers not only helps you pick which offers to send them, but you can actually build your own products to serve to them as well. Let’s stick with the gaming list example.

Knowing that your buyers are predominantly 60 and older, you can create a separate offer that revolves around them and their kids/grandkids. Like a gaming themed cookbook that shows grandparents how to make Roblox cookies with their grandkids. Or maybe a tutorial on how to beat them at Fortnite. And digital products like these are simple to produce and carry zero overhead. Which means big profit margins.

But again, you need the data.

Having highly enriched data (available right here) allows you to segment and target your subscribers. The more highly targeted your offers are, the higher the open rates, click through rates and sales you’ll experience.

Of course, the gaming list example is just a hypothetical. Only you know the true details of your list. And if you don’t already have that data at your fingertips, EmailOversight can get it for you. And get it fast.

Data enrichment and segmentation can allow you to not only better target your subscribers, but you can build a customized product line around them. And that means more revenue for you!

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