Does Direct Mail Still Work? With the Use of Data Enrichment, It Sure Does!

Does Direct Mail Still Work? With the Use of Data Enrichment, It Sure Does!

Over the past decade, marketers have concentrated a majority of their efforts in the digital realm.  From email marketing and display to native ads, blogs and social media platforms, more advertising and marketing dollars are spent digitally than ever before.

It makes sense.  The speed and cost of digital marketing allows almost anyone to start, run and hopefully succeed in business.  The granular user data lets you know almost immediately if your messages, offers and content are working and producing revenue – and gives you the opportunity to quickly shift gears if they’re not.

But as competition for on-screen eyeballs heats up, and costs for quality leads increases, it begs the question… is it time to think more about direct mail?

The answer is yes.  Especially if you already own email lists!

If you own email data, direct mail can be a very rewarding new segment of your marketing business.  In fact, by utilizing data enrichment from EmailOversight, you could grow a direct mail segment of your business that rivals or even surpasses the ROI of your email sends. And you can grow it from your email lists!

You see, physical mailboxes have long been a great source of ROI.  Just last year alone a whopping $38.5 billion was spent on localized direct mail advertising campaigns.  Keep in mind, the 2020 ad spend on television was about $60 billion.  So it’s easy to see just how big the direct mail business really is.  And it’s a business every email list owner should be a part of.

And here’s why:  Savvy advertisers in the US spend an average of $167 per person on direct mail.  It sounds expensive, yes.  But the returns per person are astonishing.  An average of $2,095 worth of goods and services were sold through direct mail.  So while at first look, $167 per person is expensive… a return of $2,095 per person makes it incredibly lucrative.

So lucrative, in fact, it’d be a shame to let this revenue pass you by.

It’s why your business should be, at the very least, dipping its toes into direct mail.

Did you know that EmailOversight can help you take your email data, enrich it with information like full names, postal addresses, age, gender and more?  These are the precise data points you need to build a successful direct mail list.

But even if you’re still concerned about the costs of printing and postage, you can build your direct mail lists and get paid handsomely without ever sending a piece of mail yourself.

Because just like with email, you can rent-out your direct mail lists.  As long as you have direct mail lists with good data points provided by EmailOversight, advertisers will rent from you.  And rent often.

It’s like finding free money.

You see, advertisers know that consumers love direct mail.  So much so, they’re constantly looking for new direct mail data.  Data you can obtain from your email lists by using EmailOversight’s data enrichment tools.

Big advertisers understand that 70% of consumers say that direct mail is more personal than online interactions.  And over half of consumers say they actually want direct mail from brands they like.

A nice open rate for an email campaign may be around 15-20%, but with direct mail, open rates can reach 90%.

And having a person’s full name printed on a direct mail piece increases response rates by 135%!

This is why enriched data is so important.  And you already have enough data in your email lists to build out a successful direct mail list.

Whether you want to send marketing materials yourself, or simply rent out your lists, direct mail can be an enormous revenue stream that you should not ignore.

Don’t miss out.  Get your direct mail lists ready for the market immediately  by using EmailOversight’s data enrichment tools, available right HERE.




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