Data Enrichment: How to Get Long-Form Data Using Short-Form Fields

Data Enrichment: How to Get Long-Form Data Using Short-Form Fields

Data Enrichment is a huge money saver, and a big moneymaker. It’s no mystery, the more data fields your prospects fill out during lead-gen campaigns, the better. If you have 10 fields of data that were filled out, you’ve got a whole lot of information to help your list segmentation and sales efforts. One field of data? Not so much.

However, as most marketers know, long forms almost always result in lower conversion rates, and a higher cost per conversion. Essentially, they’re difficult and expensive, but they do produce much better leads. Leads are far more valuable than those generated through simple form fills.

Quality vs quantity.

It’s a conundrum that’s put marketers – and companies of all sizes – in an endless cycle of trying to find the right number of fields to use in their lead-gen forms; to get the best bang for their buck.

Now, constant testing for the perfect field-number template is oftentimes an expensive guessing game, and unfortunately, marketers were stuck doing it for years. They had very little choice otherwise.

But now, that’s all changed.

Thanks to a technology called Data Enrichment, you can take all the guesswork out of the form-fill equation. Meaning you can use those high converting, inexpensive short forms and still get that valuable long-form data you need.

In fact, with Data Enrichment, you can generate long-form quality data, with as little as an email address alone.

Even better, you can do it with email addresses you’ve already collected, backfilling the data on those subscribers… making them even more valuable.

Now, imagine having the ability to run a lead-gen campaign where the only field in your form fill is for the submitters email address.

And from that single address, you could generate all the data you would have collected from 6, 7 or 8-field forms. Or more.

Would this cut your lead-gen costs substantially, while also greatly increasing conversion rates and sales?

Of course it would.

Now have a look at this:

These are two form fills. One is a long form with 7 fields, the other is a short form with a single field.

Now, which form do you think generates more submissions?

If you chose Form B, you’re right.


With Data Enrichment, you can get all the 6 additional fields you see in the long form, while only asking for an email address with a short form. It means more high-quality, data-rich conversions…

At a much cheaper cost.

It’s why email marketers and large advertisers are now cutting down on the number of fields they use in forms. Instead, they’re using Data Enrichment.

So, what exactly is Data Enrichment?

Well, Data Enrichment is a technology owned by one of the country’s premier Email Marketing Solutions companies, EmailOversight. Data Enrichment helps marketers of all sizes generate expansive data sets on their email subscribers (and new leads), without the need for long forms.

Here’s exactly what EmailOversight’s Data Enrichment does:

It takes the existing email addresses of your subscribers (or new leads) and adds fields like Name, Postal Address, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Phone Number and more.

These are the very data sets needed to create highly segmented lists to boost opens, click-throughs and conversions. These data enhance all sales efforts, even those done by phone.

So, if you’re still using long form-fills, losing potential subscribers, and paying too much for conversions, try Data Enrichment. It’s the newest way big advertisers and email marketers are generating mass user data… and making bigger profits at a lower cost.

With Data Enrichment, you’ll find your lead-gen costs will drop, your conversion rates will rise, and all your sales efforts will blossom.

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