An Introduction To Email Hygiene

An Introduction To Email Hygiene

Cleanliness is an essential aspect of maintaining personal hygiene. Similarly, email hygiene has a lot to do with cleansing your email marketing activities to ensure healthy engagement and efficient results.

Email hygiene, also known as email scrubbing, is the removal of inactive subscribers from your email address list. It filters out subscribers who do not believe that they are gaining anything from your emails.

You should conduct email hygiene every six months to keep your email list fresh and filled with active subscribers.

How does email hygiene work?

  1. Actively track email metrics: Actively tracking your email metrics is crucial to identify problem areas. Deliverability rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate are some email marketing analytics you must watch out for. A dip in these metrics suggests that you need to freshen up your email list using email hygiene.
  2. Prioritize engagement: Engagement is not determined by the total subscribers but by the number of active subscribers. Successfully delivering your newsletters and business emails to a long list of addresses but not receiving enough engagement could adversely impact your engagement rate. Prioritize engagement over the number of subscribers before it dampens your reputation.
  3. Remove Cold Subscribers: Cold subscribers are people that have not opened your emails in 2 months or have moved emails sent by you to the spam folder. These subscribers are causing more harm than benefit to your business.

Send a re-engagement email to cold subscribers, asking them if they would like to continue receiving emails from you. If they do not respond in affirmation, instead of waiting for them to unsubscribe, take the bull by its horns and remove them from your email list for future email marketing campaigns.

Benefits Of Maintaining Good Email Hygiene

  1. Enhanced efficiency of performance signifiers

Post email scrubbing, you will better understand your active target audience and what appeals to them. Your email metrics will be accurate and informative, and ready to be used for planning email marketing strategies.

  1. Email hygiene creates room for personalization

Once you have cleaned out your email list, you will be able to analyze active subscriber behavior, conduct email segmentation, and personalize your approach.

Personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates. Personalization does not merely involve using the subscriber’s name; it also includes the use of algorithms to send relevant emails. Reports suggest that email marketers that use email segmentation enjoy  100.95% higher click-through rates.

  1. Increased brand reputation

ESPs monitor the performance of a business by the engagement of its subscribers. Whether an ESP places your emails in the primary inbox or the spam folder depends upon spam complaints and click-through rate. Cleansing your email list is essential to ensure a good brand reputation and maintain your position in the primary inbox.

If you’ve been following the best email marketing techniques but are still struggling to increase your click-through rate and engagement, your system might be in dire need of  email cleansing. Lucky for you, marketing professionals at EmailOversight are experts at email hygiene and can boost your marketing techniques.

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