5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing has been an effective way to promote your brand to a wide range of audiences. It is a vital tool to sell products, share news, or communicate an important corporate message. A research report from Campaign Monitor showed that 72 percent of people prefer to receive their marketing material through email, and not through their social media channels.

In this post, we’ll look at five effective email marketing strategies to improve subscriber engagement and boost click-through rate:

#Tip 1: Build a list full of targeted customers

An email list is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy. To build this list, create a variety of sign-up forms on your website. For instance, you can create a blog and post it on your website. Now you can give the readers of your blog post the option to receive the complete content (say e-book) in exchange for their email. Such giveaways may include:

    A cheat sheet of tips or resources
    White papers or case studies
    Free trials or samples
    A free quote or consultation
    Quizzes or a self-assessment
    A promotional coupon

#Tip 2: Provide great content

To build a healthy email list, you need a steady flow of visitors to your website. For this, create content that tells an exciting story and inspires readers with a fabulous online experience. If your content has the potential to go viral, you can use it to bring more visitors to your website. Try to distribute your content on as many platforms as possible — YouTube (if it’s a video), TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else. In addition, you can create an email newsletter that offers value-added content. For a successful email campaign, you need a strong call to action and consistent follow-up.

#Tip 3: Use list segmentation

The best way to connect with your customers is to segment your email list. It is dividing your subscribers into smaller groups so that you can send them more personalized and relevant emails. Segmentation helps boost your click-through rates, reduce the unsubscribe rate, and increase your email open rate. With this technique, it becomes easier to write specific messages and subject lines that prompt users to open the mail.

#Tip 4: Avoid spam filters

After spending so much time creating a quality email, you’ll not want it to land in the spam folder. Avoiding spam filters is vital to boost the chances of opening the mail. For instance, phrases like ‘Lose weight fast’ and ‘double your income’ would result in a higher spam score. Nowadays, inbox providers like Gmail and Outlook look at user engagement and previous interactions with your past campaigns. For instance, if a user frequently opens your campaigns, sends replies, and moves them out of the junk folder, it is a good sign that your campaigns aren’t spam.

#Tip 5: Use email marketing automation tool

You need to have a reliable email marketing automation tool to create segmented lists, send out targeted email campaigns and track their effectiveness. Having this tool in place helps you create longer-lasting engagement with your dedicated subscribers. It allows you to create a structured workflow and send out timely and consistent email campaigns. Such a tool may include analytics that shows you what’s working and what isn’t.

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