4 Phone Validation and Verification Tips For Mobile Marketers

4 Phone Validation and Verification Tips For Mobile Marketers

The use of mobile devices has reached all-time highs.  Consumers carry their phones wherever they go, giving you the opportunity to reach them with your messages at any moment, anywhere they may be.

You’ve undoubtedly begun to shift at least a portion of, if not most of your marketing efforts to targeting mobile devices.  Whether it be mobile-only ad campaigns, SMS marketing, or lead gen for physical phone calls, you’re well aware of the trajectory and revenue possibilities of mobile marketing.

If done right, mobile phone based marketing like SMS can offer you higher open rates, higher engagement and a higher ROI than even email marketing.  But beware, there are some pitfalls, especially with SMS.  It’s these pitfalls that make phone validation and verification incredibly important.

As you’ve grown your phone-number list, you may have noticed some serious problems emerging.  Namely, you’re sending messages to invalid phone numbers, non-subscribed phone numbers and land lines.  You’re getting bounce-backs, text SPAM complaints and crude replies.

In email list-building, leads will often input fake or invalid data just to get the information or free premium they’re looking for.  Phone list building is no different.  And just like email marketing, a clean phone list can make or break your campaigns.  This is why phone validation and verification is so important.

Here are four simple tips to help your phone campaigns perform better.

Tip 1: In SMS marketing, never send messages to folks who have not opted into them.  This could cost you far more than the lead-gen dollars you put into the list building.  SPAM texts have become such a huge issue that the FTC now offers tips on how to report SPAM texts… to them!

By using phone validation and verification tools, like those HERE at EmailOversight, you can help to make sure the phone numbers you’re collecting are indeed matched to the other user data inputs.  The last thing you want is a call from the FTC because a lead had entered someone else’s phone number.

Tip 2: Remove invalid phone numbers.  Just like invalid email addresses, invalid phone numbers can cause bounce-backs and marketing headaches.  By removing invalid numbers and verifying their validity, you’ll find your campaigns have a much better success rate.  And If you’re doing physical phone calls to leads, you can be assured the list is good to call.

Tip 3: Don’t send SMS text campaigns to landlines.  This sounds like a no-brainer, but many marketers never check the physical status of phone numbers.  By knowing if phone numbers are mobile or land-line, you’ll be able to segment your phone lists for particular campaigns.  There’s no need to send SMS texts to land-lines, but you can make physical calls to verified land-line leads.

Tip 4: Get insights on the phone numbers you’ve collected.  You should know information about the carrier, past carriers, the port dates, the format of the number, whether or not the number is associated with complaints and if the number is blacklisted.

You don’t want to send SMS campaigns to blacklisted numbers, or numbers associated with people who regularly complain about “SPAM” texts, even if they’ve opted into your list.  You can avoid this by the phone validation and verification tools HERE at EmailOversight.

EmailOversight offers you powerful and accurate phone validation and verification products.  We can identify working US phone numbers, complainers, physical phone data and more.  We have everything you need to keep your phone list valid, clean and responsive.

Our phone validation and verification technology complies with all rules and regulations, allowing you to process your current list of phone numbers with a simple bulk upload.  Or, better, you can implement our API on your registration form so you receive near real-time verification.

Clean and verify your phone lists with EmailOversight HERE.



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