Email List Management Services

Email marketing and list management can take up a lot of time and effort; however, with Email Oversight’s suite of list management tools, you can spend more time honing your message and less time manually managing your email list. As a client you receive, an out of the box solution which can do even more by the utilization of custom forms, file imports, cross-platform syncing, email suppression, and a high-performance API to allow you to do even more!

Out of the Box Solution

Email Oversight’s client portal allows for easy data management in one unified location, and ubiquitous access anywhere with an internet connection. All this is made easier through drag-and-drop controls as well as data segmentation tools.

File Import

Our platform makes it easy to not only start and manage robust email lists, but to also import existing data by importing them into the Email Oversight’s cloud platform. With easy drag-and-drop features, import data from Excel, CSV, or plain text files.

Third Party Integration

Email Oversight works with your existing email platform, including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Sales Force. Sync your data quickly and easily!


With access to our high-performance API, clients have the ability to intelligently validate data as it is being collected, and post the information collected with confidence in its accuracy and validity.