Increase the number of emails that reach their intended destination by utilizing our state-of-the-art email validation system in order to reduce bounce rates, spam trap hits, and subscriber complaints due to invalid or inaccurate data.

Email validation is an essential part of email marketing. Proper email validation ensures that you are emailing only deliverable email addresses. When you try to email an invalid or undeliverable email address you generate a hard bounce. If you are using your own mail server to deliver mail too many hard bounces can get you blocked. If you are using an ESP to deliver mail such as MailChimp or Constant Contact too many hard bounces can get your account suspended. Keeping the number of hard bounces to a minimum is critical to keep your email sender reputation high. A high sender reputation is what ensures your email will reach you customer’s inbox and not end up in the spam folder. High sender reputation and high inbox rates are key to generating customer interaction and producing a greater ROI for your email campaign.

At EmailOversight we not only validate the spelling and syntax of an email address, we validate that the email address is a fully deliverable address. EmailOversight’s Advanced Email Validation takes things one setup further by removing bots, spamtraps, and seeds from your mailing lists.

What You Get When You User Our Email Address Validation Services

Real-Time Email Validation: Utilize real-time email validation in your sign-up or lead forms to ensure users are entering accurate data.

Email Validation API: Seamlessly integrate EmailOversight’s Validation Service using power web APIs. Using the Email Oversight API, clients are able to incorporate our email validation technology into any custom developed application including point-of-service email collection, and mobile applications.

Address Validation: Save time and resources by validating email addresses before sending out your communications. Our technology ensures that addresses are valid and deliverable without having to verify by sending an initial email outreach.

Consistent Formatting: Ease the labor of management and reporting by having consistently formatted data.

  • Keep your Email Lists clean from hard bounces and undeliverable addresses. Enable advanced validation to remove bots, spamtraps, and seeds for even better delivery and inbox rates.
  • Don’t get blocked. If you’re sending emails from your own mail servers or using a 3rd party such as MailChimp or Sendgrid, unclean lists will get you blocked from sending mail. Don’t take risks, always clean your email lists before sending.
  • Improve your sender reputation and inbox rates. Clean lists are key to maintaining a good sender reputation.
  • High speed online file processing.
  • List Cleanup API.

Direct mailing customers and prospects is a costly endeavor; make sure you’re getting the maximum ROI by verifying that all your addresses valid and deliverable.

Get consistently formatted data. When you gather data from multiple location using multiple methods many times you end up with inconstantly formatted address. This makes it difficult to effectively store, utilize or analyze your address data. Our address validation returns address in a consistent format, solving these problems.

Gain additional insights. In addition to a validated and formatted address we append the type of address, such as commercial or residential. Use this data to better segment and target your customers or prospects.

Address Validation API. Get easy API access to integrate Address Validation into your existing applications and webforms.