Data Append Services

Email marketing, when done correctly, is one of the most effective forms of outreach available, and the more data the better the results of the campaign. With the Email Oversight data append service, clients can fill in the gaps in their customer data, and create profiles with much more depth than just an email and a name.

Email Oversight provides tools to append email lists with demographic and meta data including name, address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and even interests. By enriching your email list, it is possible to improve the response rate, conversions, and overall health of your working list.

Email Append

Easily Append Email Addresses to your existing list of customers or leads.

Data Onboarding: Data Onboarding is the transfer of data collected offline to an online platform.

Multichannel marketing: Utilize additional to target potential customers on various platfiorms. Create custom audiances on social media platforms to target more effectively.

IP Email Append

Gain insight into your website visitors or ad viewers. EmailOversight can append email addresses your user IPs in real time. Advanced IP filtering, NAT detection, and user agent logic to ensure accurate results.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Targeting customers that have abandoned their shopping cart before completing the checkout process is one of the high ROI marketing strategies that a company can employ. But what if your customer never logged in? With our IP Email Append you can retrieve that previously unknown customer’s email address, now allowing you the ability to reach out to try and capture that sale from the abandoned cart.

IP Email Append API: Use our easy to integrate API to get the most accurate results in real-time.

Consistent Formatting: Ease the labor of management and reporting by having consistently formatted data.

Data Append & Reverse Email Append

Enrich your customer and lead data with our comprehensive data append services. Reverse Email Appends can add valuable data fields such as Full Name, Full Address, Zip Code, Age, Gender, and Ethnicity. Increase marketing performance by segmenting and targeting specific groups. Use detailed data to learn more about yours prospects and customers.

Whether you are filling data holes in database or looking to add a new data points for targeting EmailOversight has the solutions for you.

  • Available Data Points: Full Name, Full Address, Zip Code, Age, Gender, Ethnicity
  • File Upload: Easy to use, self-service interface. Append only the fields you need. Download your appended file with all your original data intact.
  • Data Append API: High speed, easy to integrate Data Append API. Append any need field.

Data Onboarding

Twitter and Facebook Custom Audiences Data: Custom Audiences have now become the most effect method of Social Media Advertising. Both Twitter and Facebook now allow companies to create targeted audience groups, greatly improving ad performance. All that is required is an email list of prospects that you wish target. But what if you only have names and addresses for your prospects? EmailOversight can append email addresses to your list of prospects, making it possible for you to target on Facebook and Twitter using Custom Audiences. Append even more demographic data for your prospects to segment your ad campaigns more, allowing for more customized ads and better engagement and higher ROI.

Reverse Email Append

Our data append services also work in reverse! During data onboarding client email addresses may be missing. Our Reverse email append service can help fill those gaps by matching the customer name and address.

Data Insights

Bots and spamtraps can be a big drag on email list quality and effectiveness. Email Oversight offers the ability to update demographic data automatically and in real-time.

Real-Time Updates

Our real-time updates monitor existing email lists and automatically apply demographic data updates, allowing for up-to-date data for new or existing email lists that have been enriched through our data append services.

Data Assurance

Valid data is the cornerstone of a good email list. Email Oversight assures that your email list is up-to-date by running 30-day validation rechecks.