Recognized as an industry leader in data enrichment and hygiene services, EmailOversight provides marketers and lead generators invaluable tools for data onboarding, data appending, lead verification, email validation, data management and more via an easy to use self-service web portal and simple to integrate API endpoints.

Value Propositions

We offer the most advanced Email Validation. We clean spamtraps, bots, and seeds, in addition to removing undeliverable addresses. This will greatly boost sender reputation and lead to better inbox rates and therefore better interaction. It will also prevent from getting block by an ESP for having too many invalid email addresses.

We append Full Name, Full Address, Zip, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, or DOB to an email address at a low price per match cost. Appends can be done online or via our API.

Our API is very easy to integrate with and can be used to do real time email validation, add real-time email validation to forms using JavaScript, and do real-time data appends and email appends.

Our comprehensive web control panel lets customers easily upload and manage their data online.

We link directly to Mailchimp and Constant Contact. This means that all a custom has to do is link an account to EmailOversight and will constantly update and validate and list you select.

We will also accommodate almost any customer request. If the customer needs it, we can do it.